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DRC Staff

To learn more about our fun-loving staff members, visit the links to names below. Please note that Access Specialists may be considered generalists, with areas of specialty, as indicated by their names below.


DRC Staff
Pic Name Email Phone Skype
DRC Director Debi Hill smiling

Debi Hill

Director, Disability Resource Center 756-5752  
DRC Assistant Director Amy Gode smiling

Amy Gode

Assistant Director 756-1399 amy.gode1
Jennifer Allen-Barker smiling

Jennifer Allen-Barker

OTR/L, ADA Services Supervisor Access Specialist (impairments related to vision, mobility, health, acquired brain injury and temporary injuries) 756-0134 jcbarker.drc
Danielle Johnson smiling

Danielle Johnson

Access Specialist 756-5799 djohns04.drc
Lori Waters smiling

Lori Waters

Access Specialist 756-5797 lawaters_3.drc
Haley Zahner smiling

Haley Zahner

Access Specialist 756-5116  
Tina Polito smiling with a green Cal Poly shirt on

Tina Polito

Access Specialist 756-5728  
John Lee smiling

John Lee

Assistive Technology Specialist 756-5972 jlee245.drc
Rita Gonzalez smiling

Rita Gonzalez

Electronic Information Specialist 756-1358  
Debie McArdle smiling

Debie McArdle

Coordinator of Alternate Media, Testing and Tram Services 756-5796  
Cheryl Westfall smiling

Cheryl Westfall

Department Coordinator 756-1396  
Alec smiling on Bishop's Peak

Alec Lotstein

Connections Coordinator 756-5930  


Sign Language Interpreters and Typewell Transcribers
Pic Name Email Phone
Kathy Hannula smiling

Kathy Hannula

Interpreter 756-1395
Sarah Levanway holding her child

Sarah Levanway

Interpreter and Transcriber 756-1395
Laurie Walcott smiling

Laurie Walcott

Interpreter and Transcriber 756-1395
Ben Epstein smiling

Ben Epstein

Transcriber 756-1395


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Location: Bldg 124 (Student Services, across from Spanos Stadium)
Phone: 805-756-1395
Fax: 805-756-5451

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