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Sarah Levanway, Interpreter


Sarah laughing with her baby

Photo: Sarah with her daughter Alayna

About Sarah

I graduated from Cal Poly in 2003 with a BA in Liberal Studies. I started working at Cal Poly in 2004 as a Sign Language Interpreter. I began interpreting in 2000 and became a certified interpreter in 2005. I own Affordable Services, where I enjoy freelance interpreting (as a side job) and working with the Deaf community. In 2005 I trained to become a TypeWell transcriber to support our Hard-of-Hearing students who do not use Sign Language but need communication access in their classes. I currently work at Cal Poly doing both interpreting and transcribing. I am a native SLO resident, was born in SLO, and have resided on the Central Coast my entire life. My husband Russ of 9 years and I have a daughter, Alayna, who is 15 months old. Alayna’s bubbly personality brings joy to everyone she meets. She is rapidly learning ASL and loves to show off her signing skills. My family & I recently moved into Cal Poly’s Bella Montana and now I’m able to walk to work almost every day. I enjoy volunteering as a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters and interpreting at my church.

Certification: Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) CT -- Certificate of Transliteration



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