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Supporting COVID-19-positive Students

How do faculty support students in their classes who test COVID-19 positive? 

  • Faculty are not expected to provide an online alternative to in-person class sessions.
  • Faculty are expected to treat students who test positive like any other student who misses class due to illness. 
  • In the event a student cannot attend in-person classes prior to the start of the quarter or within the first eight days of instruction, students should reach out to an academic advisor to discuss available options.
  • Students can make arrangements as they typically do by coordinating directly with the faculty member to develop arrangements that allow them to receive credit for missed assignments or activities.
  • Faculty can arrange for general accommodations including: 
    • A notetaker (while maintaining confidentiality of the ill student)
    • Virtual or makeup exams/classwork
    • Other virtual opportunities to maintain engagement with which the DRC might assist
  • If, during the quarter, a student enrolled in in-person courses is unable to participate in the course due to health concerns or extended length absences, they should reach out to the Disability Resource Center (DRC) to explore options related to accommodations.

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