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DRC Testing Information for Faculty

Overview of DRC Testing Services

The DRC is available to provide testing accommodations for students with disabilities although faculty may accommodate students directly as long as students receive their appropriate accommodations. DRC staff are available to consult with faculty regarding ways to provide accommodations in the classroom; call 805-756-1395 to speak with an access specialist.

For students who cannot be accommodated in class, instructors would provide the DRC with test proctoring information using our Testing Agreement (online form), and provide us with the exam by 2PM the day before the test date.  Common testing accommodations include: additional time, an environment with limited distractions, adapted computers, scribe, and read-aloud software.

Contact Information & Testing Hours

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How to have the DRC Proctor a Test for Your Student(s)

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How to View Student(s) Test Requests

How to Complete the Testing Agreement

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Ways to Provide Your Exam to DRC

Frequently Asked Questions About Testing Accommodations




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Location: Bldg 124 (Student Services, across from Spanos Stadium)
Phone: 805-756-1395
Fax: 805-756-5451
Email: drc@calpoly.edu

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