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At the University level, students have the right not to be identified as disabled. For this reason, students must take the initiative to contact the DRC and request accommodations. The student must provide the DRC with written documentation of functional limitation(s) from a qualified professional.

Each student who contacts the DRC is assigned to work with an Access Specialist who is knowledgeable in the student's area of functional limitation(s). The assigned Access Specialist will determine, based upon the documentation submitted, whether the student's functional limitation(s) meets California's statutory definition of a disability. Under state law, individuals are eligible to receive reasonable accommodations on the basis of disability if they have a physical or mental condition that substantially limits one or more major life activities or major bodily function(s), history or record of such a condition, or is perceived by others as having such a condition.

If the functional limitation(s) rises to the level of disability, the Access Specialist will notify the student of eligibility and will provide information regarding how to request necessary reasonable accommodations.

Eligibility Information:


Additional Information

For more information, the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) presents the following conceptual framework to support appropriate practices in providing seamless access through equal treatment and the provision of accommodations: Supporting Accommodation Requests: Guidance on Documentation Practices.




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