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Sarahí Gonzalez Ramirez, Access Specialist

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Photo of Sarahi holding her dog GalileoAbout Sarahí

My name is Sarahí (Sara-ee), I am originally from Tijuana/San Diego area, I grew up transnationally between both cities.

I have always strived to help my communities as much as possible. Throughout the past years, I have worked at different non-profits from Tijuana all the way to the Central Coast. My main focus is helping migrant, first-generation, low-income, disabled, and historically marginalized communities.

My identity as a first-generation, indigenous, chronically ill, & low-income student allowed me to understand the many barriers that have been implemented onto our educational system & society. Navigating through these systems can be difficult to manage by yourself &I  know the importance of having a safe space for students with non-traditional backgrounds.  I strive to be the best support for our students, and I am pleased to join the DRC staff at Cal Poly SLO & continue to support my communities!

Fun fact: Sun - Cancer, Moon - Scorpio, Rising - Libra

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Location: Bldg 124 (Student Services, across from Spanos Stadium)
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Fax: 805-756-5451
Email: drc@calpoly.edu

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