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The Disability Resource Center (DRC) of Cal Poly provides Transcription Services, using the Typewell Transcription System, for deaf and hard of hearing students who are registered with our office.

Requirements to Receive Service

Deaf and hard of hearing students should initially verify their hearing loss with the DRC office by providing medical documentation from a physician or a licensed audiologist, including a recent audiogram.

Students should then schedule an intake appointment with the Deaf Services Specialist to discuss and make arrangements for appropriate services. At this meeting, students will sign a Transcription Agreement to confirm that they have read and understood policies related to the provision of these services.

Students should meet with the Deaf Services Specialist within one week of registering for classes to discuss realtime transcribing services to be requested for the following quarter. Students should also notify the Deaf Services Specialist of any subsequent class changes as soon as possible to allow time for support services to be arranged or altered.

Special Requests

As a professional courtesy, requests for educationally-related transcribing services outside of regular classroom hours should be submitted at least one week in advance to allow sufficient time to locate available transcribers. Students may request transcribing services for extra-curricular events by contacting the hosting department.

Transcriber Absences

If a transcriber is ill, or has an unexpected urgent family emergency, he or she should call the DRC as soon as possible and speak directly to the Deaf Services Specialist, or to a staff person, to specify which classes and assignment times will be missed.

Transcribers requesting substitutes for reasons other than illness or emergencies must get prior approval from the Deaf Services Specialist. As consistency of transcribing is critical, requests for substitutes will be approved only for compelling reasons and when an appropriate substitute can be found. All substitute requests must be written on a substitute request form and submitted two weeks in advance.

In the event that a transcriber fails to show up for an assignment, the student should contact the Deaf Services Specialist as soon as possible. If available, a replacement will be sent. If not, a tape recorder may be provided so that the lecture can be recorded and transcribed at a later date.

Student Absences or Class Cancellations

Students should notify the Deaf Services Specialist immediately if scheduled interpreting services are not needed so that transcribers may be redirected to other assignments. As a professional courtesy, if the student is canceling for reasons other than illness, the student is requested to notify the DRC at least 48 hours in advance.

Late Arrival

When a student is not present at the beginning of class, the transcriber will wait outside the classroom for a time period equal to five minutes for every half-hour of the class period. If the student does not arrive within the designated time, this will be considered a "no show" and the transcriber should notify the Deaf Services Specialist as soon as possible to seek reassignment. If no reassignment is available, the transcriber should return to the DRC office

Final Exams

Transcribers will not automatically be assigned for final exams. During final exam week, all services are by request only. If the student would like an interpreter for a final exam, the student should contact the Deaf Services Specialist and submit an email request two weeks in advance.

Requests for Transcriber Preference and/or Replacement

Student and transcriber preferences will be considered when determining scheduling assignments; final responsibility for assignment of transcribing resources lies with the Deaf Services Specialist.

Students and transcribers share the responsibility for the provision of high quality transcribing services. Should difficulties arise that can not be resolved, either party may contact the Deaf Services Specialist for assistance.




Students will be asked to sign a "Transcription Agreement" to indicate that they have read and agree to the above policies and procedures.

Transcription Agreement (.pdf)




You may contact Lori Waters (lawaters@calpoly.edu), Access Specialist, with any questions or concerns.



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