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Wheelchair Accessible Van & Tram Overview

A DRC tram vehicle with a student on crutches preparing to get on board.

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) of Cal Poly provides on-campus transportation service to eligible students registered with our office. Tram/van service is available to students with permanent or temporary mobility impairments.

Hours of Operation:

  • During the school year, the service operates between 6:45 AM - 8:30 PM Monday through Friday.
  • During the summer, the service operates between the hours of 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.


Van/Tram Process & Responsibilities

New Rider Safety, Process, and Responsibilities Form (fillable PDF)

Student Responsibilities

  • Verify disability with the DRC before rides can begin
    • Complete Temporary Student Application for Services
    • Provide medical documentation from your physician
  • Review safety training with your tram driver before rides can begin
    • Obey California state laws requiring the use of safety belts
  • Regularly scheduled riders: Complete a quarterly tram schedule
  • On-call riders: Call (805) 756-6184 as much in advance as possible
    • Note: scheduled riders have priority over call-in riders
    • During the school year, all call-in rides must be made before 5:00 PM
  • Notify the DRC if there are any changes in scheduled pick-up times or locations, or to cancel a ride.

No Show Policies

  1. A “No-show” will cancel all of the day’s scheduled rides unless student contacts DRC.
  2. Two consecutive “no-shows” will terminate tram services until student meets or speaks with a DRC professional staff member.
  3. Driver will wait no longer than two minutes beyond the scheduled pick-up time. Failure to come to a ride within 2 minutes results in a "No-show."

DRC Responsibilities

  • Determine eligibility before service can begin
  • Provide trained drivers and safe, well-maintained vehicles
  • Pick up and drop off students at designated campus stops in a timely manner during operating hours
  • Review state safety regulations and laws


Electric Scooter Loan Overview

Jazzy Zero-Turn 4-wheel electric scooter

Electric Scooter Process & Responsibilities

Print Electric Scooter Process and Responsibilities (pdf)

Student Responsibilities

  • Verify disability with the DRC
  • Review safety training with a DRC staff member
  • Complete the "DRC Electric Scooter Application"
  • Read and sign the "Electric Scooter Rental Agreement"
  • Read and sign the "Rules and Usage of Electrical Scooter"
  • Read and sign release of liability forms
  • Leave a $50 deposit (refundable when the scooter and equipment is returned without damage).  If leaving a deposit is a challenge, students should work with their access specialist to explore options/alternatives.
  • Return the electric scooter to the DRC by the due date

DRC Responsibilities

  • Determine eligibility before service can begin
  • Provide safety and care training
  • Provide well-maintained electric scooters
  • Review state safety regulations and laws

Other Campus Services

Mustang Patrol

Students, faculty, and staff requesting a safety escort on campus on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday nights can call Cal Poly Police Dispatch at (805) 756-2281, and Mustang Patrol will walk you to your on-campus destination or your vehicle. Visit the Mustang Patrol page for hours of operation and other details.

Off-Campus Transportation

Runabout Paratransit Service offers county-wide ADA paratransit services; vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts and can accommodate mobility aids. Please contact the Disability Resource Center at 805-756-1395 for additional information.


Contact DRC Transportation Services

Contact Shiloh Lee (slee549@calpoly.edu), Accommodation Specialist, with any questions or concerns. 

For tram rides (for DRC registered students) call 805-756-6184. (top)



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Location: Bldg 124 (Student Services, across from Spanos Stadium)
Phone: 805-756-1395
Fax: 805-756-5451
Email: drc@calpoly.edu

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