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Students wishing to independently navigate the learning environment, without the need for a fellow student to serve as a note-taker, may wish to use the Livescribe Smartpen. The Livescribe Smartpen records and links audio to what you write, so you never miss a word.

In lieu of note-takers, students who receive notes as an accommodation can now choose to borrow a Livescribe Echo Smartpen and companion dot notebook. In order to make a smooth transition, students may choose to have both a note-taker and a Livescribe Smartpen (Echo, Aegir, or Symphony model) for one quarter. After one quarter, students can decide which option is preferable.

Process and Responsibilities

Student responsibilities:

  • Verify disability with the DRC
  • Meet with your Access Specialist, who will explain and authorize use of Livescribe Pen and refer you for an AT consultation/training.
  • Meet with Assistive Technology Specialist to check out a Livescribe pen and dot notebook (additional notebooks can be purchased at the University Bookstore), download the companion software, and receive training in the use and maintenance of the pen/software
  • Report difficulties or problems to your DRC Access Specialist as soon as possible
  • Return pen to DRC front office at the end of the year
  • Discuss benefits with your Access Specialist to determine future use, if desired
  • Request either Notetaking or use of Livescribe Pen for future quarters

DRC Responsibilities

  • Determine eligibility for Livescribe Pen based on an impairment-related functional limitation
  • (Assistive Technology Specialist) Contact student to schedule appointment
  • (Assistive Technology Specialist) Provide demonstration/training on use of Livescribe Pen
  • Provide Livescribe Pen, additional ink, and one notebook (additional notebooks can be purchased at the University Bookstore)
  • Assist in resolving any problems that may occur with Livescribe Pen
  • Assist in evaluating benefit of Livescribe Pen for future notetaking needs or exploring other audio notetaking technology alternatives

Livescribe Training

After you receive in-person training, you can reference our Livescribe Training Resources page for instructions on using your Livescribe Smartpen and software

Print Livescribe Process and Responsibilities (pdf)


Contact John Lee  (jlee245@calpoly.edu), Assistive Technology Specialist, at 756-5972, with any questions or concerns.


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