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Cal Poly provides accommodated parking resources for eligible students with permanent and temporary mobility impairments. Following are policies for the provision of these services:

Disabled Person Placard

Students who have completed and submitted the Application for Disabled Person Placard or Plates issued through the Department of Motor Vehicles may park in blue marked spaces on campus, in metered spaces or in any staff or student parking space.

Cal Poly Parking Permits must also be purchased, and may be obtained from Transportation and Parking Services, Building 36

Parking Permit Fee Waivers

Campus Parking Fee Waiver Process & Responsibilities

Request for Waiver of Campus Parking Fee

Temporary Medical Permit

Temporary Medical parking permits (section 12.12) are available to students with short-term disabilities to facilitate movement from one area of the campus to the other during the length of their disability. Authorization for acquisition of these permits must be processed through the Disability Resource Center, with written verification from the student's physician.  The DRC will communicate parking permit approval directly to Transportation & Parking Services.  Temporary Medical permits are valid in general and staff parking zones only. Temporary Medical permits are not valid in resident spaces, disabled spaces, sponsored guest spaces, limited time zones over the posted time limit or in metered spaces without paying the meter rate.

Additional Information:

The Cal Poly Campus Map indicates disabled parking spaces on campus for your reference.



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Location: Bldg 124 (Student Services, across from Spanos Stadium)
Phone: 805-756-1395
Fax: 805-756-5451
Email: drc@calpoly.edu

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