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Should I Be Tested for a Learning Disability/ADHD?

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List of Symptoms

The following list of symptoms is not to be considered diagnostic of a learning disorder. However, students suspecting a possible learning disability should consider that individuals with learning disabilities often have several of the following characteristics:

  • Unusual difficulty with reading, writing, or math in contrast to average or superior skills in other areas
  • Trouble listening to lectures and taking notes at the same time
  • Forgets appointments, loses or leaves possessions, and is generally disorganized
  • Each accommodation recommended by the evaluator must include a rationale
  • Avoids reading, even for pleasure
  • Poor spelling skills
  • Very poor quality handwriting
  • Mind "wanders" during lectures, when reading, or during conversations
  • Often confuses "up-down" and "left-right"
  • Monumental difficulties with abstract concepts (algebra, logic, etc.)
  • Experiences anxiety, frustration, or depression due to being overwhelmed by school or social situations
  • Persistent difficulties with memory and recall of recently learned information
  • Often unable to finish exams in the time allotted

And often have a history of:

  • Being "held back" a grade (or more) in grades K-12
  • Academic underachievement; often labeled early as "lazy"
  • Delayed reading development and being a "slow reader"
  • Childhood hyperactivity and/or inattention
  • Special education placement, speech therapy or "reading help"
  • Family members and relatives with learning disabilities

Individuals with several (or many) of the above characteristics should consider being assessed if their academic performance is impaired. Once testing is completed, students should forward a copy of the diagnostic report to the Disability Resource Center.

Questions? Contact the DRC at 805-756-1395.



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