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Student Accommodation Letter for Faculty

Students have several options when communicating their accommodation needs to their professors.
They can:

  1. Meet individually with their instructors after class or during an office hour;
  2. Send a personal email to their instructor introducing themselves and describing their accommodations, or;
  3. Send a letter from their secure Cal Poly portal to their instructor. This occurs when the student selects the “Faculty Letter” tab and clicks “Send Accommodation Letter;” in which a generic communique is sent to the instructor(s), identifying students who are registered with the DRC, who may be requesting accommodations.

Sample Faculty Letter

Subject:  (Course/Section)

Dear Professor,

This letter is to notify you of my status as a student registered with the Disability Resource Center (DRC). The services and accommodations I receive are based on a review of medical or other clinical documentation by a DRC Access Specialist. Please refer to my Verified Instructional Services and Accommodations (VISA) plan, which is included below. The provision of accommodations is a collaborative process between myself, faculty, and the DRC. If you have questions about any of the accommodations you see listed below, please feel free to contact me or my Access Specialist. I will be following up with you soon to plan for the implementation of these accommodations.

For information about how these accommodations are implemented, and what's expected of the student, the instructors, and the DRC, please visit the following DRC webpage for faculty.


Thank you for your consideration,

(Student's Name)

(Student's Email)


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