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How to Request DRC Services

Profile ImageThe Disability Resource Center welcomes students interested in receiving services and/or accommodations.

For temporary disabilities (injuries), fill out the Student Request for Temporary Services

For lengthier or continuing disabilities/challenges:

     Option 1:

       For general information or specific questions complete the DRC Quick Response Form & a staff member will contact you as soon as possible.


     Option 2: 

      You can  proceed with completing the 5-step services request process described below.

Step 1:

If you have a temporary or short-term need, fill out the Student Request for Temporary Services form. If you have a long-term or permanent need, fill out the Student Request for Services form.

Requests can be completed online, mailed, faxed, or hand delivered to our office.  If you have any supporting disability documentation please send that as well. 

Step 2:

We will contact you to schedule a meeting with an Access Specialist.

Step 3:

During the meeting the Access Specialist will review your Student Request for Services and any documentation provided, discuss your needs and begin to develop a plan of action.


Step 4:

Upon being determined eligible, you'll be provided a services plan ("VISA"- Verified Instructional Services & Accommodations) and receive training on approved services.*

*Click here for more information about services and accommodations.

Step 5:

Initiate services for the upcoming quarter by filling out the appropriate service request forms.  During your enrollment at Cal Poly, make appointments with your Access Specialist as needed.

Our office is located in the Student Services Building 124 (across from the Spanos Stadium), room 119. We look forward to meeting you very soon!

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Location: Bldg 124 (Student Services, across from Spanos Stadium)
Phone: 805-756-1395
Fax: 805-756-5451
Email: drc@calpoly.edu

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