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Mobility and Medical Disabilities Documentation Guidelines


Students requesting accommodations on the basis of mobility, systemic or disease-related disabilities provide documentation consisting of:

  • A clear indication of the existence of a medical or mobility impairment.
  • An assessment of the functional limitations for which accommodations are being requested, and whether the degree of limitation is mild or severe.
  • The major life activities affected by the condition.
  • Prognosis and anticipated duration of limitations and impairment.
  • Medication side effects, if any.

The report should be signed by the qualified diagnosing professional.

Accommodations and Support Services

Requests for accommodations are considered on an individual basis by taking into account the student's qualifications related to the educational activity, the reasonableness of the request and whether or not the accommodation would fundamentally alter the nature the activity in question.

Impairments rising to the level of disability protect individuals from discrimination on the basis of disability; however, services and accommodations related to those impairments must reflect specific limitations affecting the ability to participate in one or more major life activities.


A qualified diagnosing professional may complete the Provider Verification of Disability Form.

Students also complete a Request for Services Form with the disability documentation.


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