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DRC's Exam Accommodation On-Line Request Process

Since there are over 650 students with disabilities on campus, you might have one or more in a course this quarter. If so, you’ll want to know the following:

The DRC has developed an automated, on-line request form for processing student requests for accommodations on course exams. The eForm replaces the 4-layered paper form previously used. Students requesting testing accommodations are instructed to have a conversation with you early in the quarter about their accommodation needs.

The on-line system works like this:

  1. Students make a request on-line through the “MyCalPoly.edu” portal at least five working days(seven days total) prior to the test date.
  2. Instructors receive an email alerting them to the request.
  3. Instructors open their “mycalpoly.edu” portal and locate “Notifications” on the main page.
  4. Check for any “Student Exam Requests".
  5. The instructor approval section lists:
    • The date and time the student will take the exam
    • The amount of time the class is allotted to take the exam (this is defaulted to the amount of time scheduled for the class. You may edit the time allotted for the class if you are giving students more or less time.)
    • A box to check where you can approve, deny, or modify the request
      Note: If you modify or deny, please provide an explanation in the “comment” field
    • Space for a phone # where you can be reached during the exam (in case there is a need for clarification on the exam or the terms you’ve agreed to)
    • Space to indicate any unique resources you are permitting for the exam (i.e. open book, dictionary, calculator, notes, use of Internet)
    • Exam delivery and post-exam return information options (i.e. department location, phone #)
  6. Instructors must respond to the request no less than 48 hours before the exam. If instructors do not respond, the exam request expires and the instructor and student will need to make alternative arrangements.
  7. Please tab through the form.  Using the Enter key will submit the form before you have completed it.

Why did we change from a 4-layered paper form to an online form? The paper form process had many deficiencies. As an example, often a student would present a request form to an instructor at the end of class, the instructor would quickly sign the form and the student would rush to turn it in to our office before we closed. A great percentage of the forms were not completed correctly, were not legible or had missing or inaccurate information. The on-line process is interactive, efficient, maintains a record of the request and is available to you and the student 24 hours a day.

Finally, please note that instructors are not required to use the DRC as a method of administering accommodations for course exams. As long as students receive the appropriate accommodations, instructors can independently administer the exams.

Questions or problems may be addressed to the DRC Testing Coordinator, Debie McArdle, at 756-5796 or dmcardle@calpoly.edu.


See the Online Testing Process with Screenshots (pdf) for more detailed information.



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