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How to Make the VISA Work for You

Requesting Accommodations (Video)

Requesting Accommodations (PDF with screenshots)

 The VISA (Verified Instructional Services and Accommodations) is a written record of the instructional accommodations recommended by Disability Resource Center (DRC) staff that is used by students to communicate instructional accommodation requests to faculty.

Accommodations are a collaborative process between the student and the faculty, with consultation from the DRC.

At the beginning of the quarter, students intending to use accommodations for a course need to meet with each instructor and present the VISA to them. (It's best to provide a copy of the VISA so the instructor has a record of the recommended accommodations.)

Students are also provided written information about how certain accommodations work, such as notetaking and alternative testing (i.e., extra time, distraction limited environment). Students should provide this information to each instructor as well (i.e., Alternative Testing Accommodations FAQ, Notetaker Announcement).

If there is a disagreement between a student and instructor about the appropriateness of DRC recommended accommodations, students should contact their Access Specialist immediately.

Process for Using a VISA

  1. DRC Access Specialist Provides VISA to Student
  2. Student Meets with Faculty: Provides Copy of VISA, FAQ's, etc.
  3. Student and Faculty Agree on Accommodations
  4. Student Submits On-Going Requests to DRC

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