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Students with certain disability-related needs may qualify for priority registration at Cal Poly. The purpose of priority registration is to ensure students with disabilities have equal access to academic courses. It is incumbent upon the student to demonstrate he or she would be denied equal access to the curriculum without priority registration. Only a small percentage of students with disabilities are granted priority registration. The DRC strives to provide this service to students with well-documented and justifiable needs.

Who can request Priority Registration?

Priority Registration is available to DRC students:

  1. With mobility impairments that adversely impact their ability to get from class to class in a timely fashion
  2. Who need to frequently arrange for on and off-campus service providers (personal care assistants, etc.).
  3. Who cannot attend classes during certain parts of the day due to documented medical needs (chemotherapy, renal dialysis, etc.).
  4. Who use services requiring significant planning on DRC's part to arrange (interpreting, CART, Braille, etc.).

What is the process for requesting Priority Registration?

Students who believe they are eligible based upon the above criteria should discuss their request with their Access Specialist during the intake meeting. Eligibility is based upon appropriate documentation of the disability and is determined on a case-by-case basis. Priority registration can be granted on a long or short-term basis. The DRC determines eligibility for priority registration for students with disabilities.

If granted Priority Registration, when will it begin?

As soon as possible. In most cases, priority registration will begin at the next registration period after approval. However, the DRC must forward the names of approved students to the Records Office several weeks prior to registration; therefore, students approved in the weeks leading up to a registration period may not have priority unit the next quarter.

Could I ever lose Priority Registration?

Yes. Students may have priority registration withdrawn due to a change in disability status or if it is not used for the reason it has been approved.

Can I appeal a decision if I am not granted Priority Registration?

Yes, students can submit an Accommodation Appeal Request to the DRC. Students not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal can meet with the Dean of Students, who will assess the request and advise the DRC. If priority registration is still not granted, students wishing to formally file an appeal should review the campus Policy and Procedures for Resolving University 504/ADA Student Accommodation Disputes.



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